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Exploring Giantess POV



giantess pov

Exploring Giantess POV

Giantesses are a favorite fetish in the GTS community. They can be found in various artistic media, including illustrations, stories and videos. All of these works have certain patterns that are often repeated, such as city-attack and mouth-POV shots. These are called tropes.

While some tropes can be over-exploited and become cliche, they still have a positive side. They can be used for humor or to subvert expectations.


A giantess pov is a great way to show off a character’s power. When a small character is dangling off the end of a giantess’ finger, it can be very menacing and elicit a lot of fear. Giant characters often hold people this way when they are about to eat them, as it makes it easier for them to lower the smaller person into their mouths or throats.

In the story “Tiny Girl”, a size enthusiast and dom named Clara is portrayed as very powerful. She talks about her own power, how she enjoys torture and sex in general, and how much she likes to see her subs grow. She also explains how her powers work, how she can control the smaller people with her voice and how she enjoys watching her slaves struggle to stay alive.

The characterization of this character is also done well, with her cold, scientific and professional demeanour really masking the passionate cruelty that she truly feels for her victims. I especially loved the fact that her sneer was not just some random expression of frustration, but was a real expression of hatred. She is both a villain and a hero, in her own right.

giantess pov

Body language

Giantesses have a lot of body language, and can be very expressive. They can huff and puff like a dragon, or pout like a baby. They can also be very affectionate, or very domineering. They can make a man feel emasculated, and will often taunt him with her perverted Oedipus Complex, or his underdeveloped penis. Giantesses can even kill you if you don’t do things the way she wants them done. She can also be very clumsy, and will fall over things quite easily.


Giants have a bad reputation for being ruthless. They are not afraid to kill, but they’ll first make you do dishes, mow the lawn, move furniture around for hours (like ‘Move that bed to this walk and switch that sofa with this one’), and then if you don’t do it right, she will kill you.

Misapplied perspective is an artistic resource that makes objects appear to have different sizes compared to normal, like narrow train tracks and a girl looking like a football goalkeeper. It is a common technique that can be easily applied to GTS games. But it is also the reason why the giantess pov is so hard to use.

giantess pov


Giantess Willow Schnee is a woman who has never felt like she fit in and her futa cock only serves to exacerbate that feeling. Her loneliness and libido have lead her to collect a large harem and begin her family of girls.

Selze works at a sterile warehouse that resembles a military base and is guarded by men who seem to be out of her league. Her long locks of peach colored hair nearly contrast her professional pantsuit.

A dungeon mimic has a special little treat for herself before the big one arrives. It might not be as popular as bondage, but macrophilia is growing.

giantess pov


The world of giantess POV is a realm of imagination, creativity, and exploration. It invites us to see the world through a different lens, challenging our perspectives and deepening our understanding of human desires. As we venture into the world of colossal viewpoints, let’s remember that embracing diverse fantasies enriches our collective tapestry.


What exactly is giantess POV?

Giantess POV allows you to experience the world as if you were a giantess, towering over landscapes and objects.

Is giantess POV limited to a specific genre?

No, it’s a concept that spans various genres, from fantasy literature to art and even pop culture.

Does giantess POV have any psychological significance?

Yes, it taps into the fascination with power and control, offering a safe space for exploring these feelings.

Is giantess POV a new phenomenon?

While not new, it has gained more visibility through online communities and pop culture references.

Are there ethical considerations with giantess POV?

Absolutely. Consent, respect, and clear boundaries are essential when exploring such fantasies.

Intriguing, isn’t it? The world of giantess POV invites us to step into a different reality—one where the boundaries of scale and imagination are stretched to their limits. It’s a reminder that the human mind is a vast landscape of creativity and curiosity, always seeking new perspectives to explore.

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Giantess VR Porn in Lucid Dreams



giantess vr porn

Giantess VR Porn in Lucid Dreams

Kink is elevated to a new level in virtual reality pornographic games. You can even play with teledildonic sex gadgets in some of these games.

The lifelike sex simulator genre of VR porn games is a great place to start with XStoryPlayer. Additionally, it is LGBTQ-friendly and consent-driven. It also has a FemmeDom who follows up with you periodically for aftercare and therapy sessions.

The virtual reality game Lucid Dreams: Giantess VR is free to play

Since its launch in May 2019, the free-to-play virtual reality game Lucid Dreams: Giantess VR has attracted some interest. For everyone who enjoys size fetish, it is a must-have because it features some of the best graphics on Android. The game has a captivating plot that will evoke a range of emotions in you. Additionally, there are many different gaming options, like the possibility of climbing on huge housemates.

Although the game’s graphics are stunning, its user interface falls short of expectations for a virtual reality game. The snare sound in this game is frequently too unpleasant to enjoy. This can be a concern because it can disrupt conversations and divert other players if you’re playing with others. Thankfully, there are some solutions to this problem.

The creators of Lucid Dreams: Giantess VR have worked to improve the game despite some criticism. On July 28, they made Version 0.53 available to Patreon backers, including a pause feature, basic clothing switching for Chieri, and a smoother running speed.

This game’s ability to be played with various headsets is another intriguing feature. You can play in first or third-person view, compatible with Cardboard VR. You can also select Edit Mode, which gives you complete control over how your Giantess behaves and where they are placed on the map.

Using an Android emulator, you can play this game without a VR headset. These applications can be used for various things, including running Android games and apps on your computer. Before downloading an emulator, reviewing the minimum system requirements is crucial.

The future release of Lucid Dreams: Giantess will include updated graphics and a new plot. Sometime around 2020, the developers intend to make it available on Steam. It’s also important to note that this game is entirely free to play, so you can enjoy it for as long as you like. For the game, you may even download mods to alter your experience.

giantess vr porn

A fantastic fetish game

In this adult virtual reality game, you can direct virtual models who comply with your every command. It’s ideal for fetishists who take pleasure in dominating computerized figures. Even more girls can be controlled simultaneously! Read the terms and conditions before downloading this free-to-play game containing microtransactions.

With good reason, this is one of the most-played VR porn games out there. It’s a sensual, immersive experience that transports you to a stunning woman’s bedroom. As you indulge her sexual desires, you can inspect her body, climax, and oral pleasures.

The game offers gorgeous aesthetics and a special way of letting you feel close to the models. To improve your experience, you can even link a sex toy with the game. It’s a fantastic method to maximize your experience.

In contrast to other VR porn games, Holodeck employs photogrammetry to create realistic video game representations of actual porn stars. Models ranging from Riley Reid to Mia Malkova are featured. A two-episode story mode is also available, and the Studio DLC lets you create your porn compilations.

There is a lot to accomplish in the world, even though the gameplay of this fetish game is straightforward. You can fetishize whenever you want, play with toys, and fuck your virtual girlfriends. Even better, you can design and distribute your scenes to other gamers. This game is necessary for any kinky VR gamer due to its beautiful aesthetics and fetish-friendly content.

The ease of access and play of VR porn games is another factor in their popularity. Unlike traditional PC and mobile games, VR games work with a wide range of gadgets. They are available for download from MEGA and other file-hosting websites. After installing, you can immediately begin playing. Although most games may be downloaded for free, some come with adverts and in-app purchases.

The only drawback is that you can’t play these games if you don’t have a virtual reality headset. Fortunately, there are various solutions to this issue. One choice is to sign up for VRPorn Premium, a service that compiles a list of the top VR porn games and provides installation guidance. Although it is not inexpensive, searching for individual builds or demos will take less time and effort with it.

giantess vr porn

It gets a little monotonous

If you have a VR headset, there are several websites where you can watch the most recent VR porn. The better ones support all popular VR headsets and have a huge content library. Some also offer 2D choices for people who don’t use VR. They also include the most recent developments in 2D technology, such as binaural audio and 360-degree cameras. The overall experience may significantly change thanks to these features.

Try out a VR porn site like StasyQ VR to try something new. This website provides videos of stripteases, which can be sexy and pleasant. The videos’ female leads have excellent bodies, and binaural audio was used to bring the action to life. Of course, not everyone enjoys watching explicit sexual content, and that’s fine. The Virtual Real Porn website, which specializes in Japanese pornography, is one choice for those individuals. The user-friendly interface of this website makes it simple to use, and it offers a wide selection of full-length movies compatible with most headsets.

Another excellent VR pornographic website is XVirtual, which offers a big collection of videos that can be viewed on various VR headsets. These videos have many different stories, including ones about strip clubs, erotica, beaches, yachts, and orgy. A fan of horror porn may enjoy some of the clips because they have a dark and gory tone.

In addition to offering a wide variety of VR porn, XVirtual offers many VR-compatible video games. Some of these can be downloaded for nothing, while others demand a one-time or monthly fee. A few of the most well-liked games are HolodexxxVR, an interactive erotica game with photos of porn stars like Riley Reid and Lexi Belle.

When selecting a VR porn website, it’s crucial to remember that the content’s caliber is crucial. You should avoid websites with meager catalogs because they’ll make you bored. The videos on a decent VR porn website will have excellent audio and visuals and work with all VR headsets.

Pros: of Lucid Dream

Users who are interested in discovering their most intense dreams have access to some appealing advantages in the virtual world of “Lucid Dreams: Giantess VR Porn”:

World of Immersive Fantasy

Virtual reality’s immersive features enable users to enter a larger-than-life fantasy world where they can engage in experiences that are impractical in the actual world. The experience goes beyond conventional visual media and provides a sensation of presence that enhances the whole thing.

Investigating fantasies

Users can freely explore their imaginations in this VR experience’s secure and supervised atmosphere. Users can employ their creativity in ways previously only possible in their imaginations, whether it’s a fascination with giantesses or a yearning for unusual circumstances.

Detail and Realism in Visuals

“Lucid Dreams: Giantess VR Porn” makes money by utilizing the most recent developments in virtual reality technology. The lifelike graphics capture minute nuances that add to the experience’s realism. Every component, from the lighting to the textures, heightens the sense that you are in a fantasy setting.

Cons: of Lucid Dreams

Although there is no denying “Lucid Dreams: Giantess VR Porn”‘s appeal, there are certain noteworthy issues that need to be resolved:

Ethical Issues

The moral ramifications of engaging in virtual reality porn, especially with outlandish themes like giantess fantasies, raise concerns about societal standards and morals. Considering the possible effects of consuming stuff that straddles the fantasy and reality divide is important.

Reality vs. Escapism

Such VR experiences run the risk of favoring fantasy over in-person connections, which is one of their major drawbacks. The allure of an idealized virtual environment could cause a separation from reality, which would affect relationships and emotional health.

Addiction potential

“Lucid Dreams: Giantess VR Porn” carries the same risks of addiction as any other type of digital activity. The appeal of engaging in infinite dreams in a setting free from consequences could result in overuse and disregard of other crucial facets of life.


What exactly is Lucid Dreams: Giantess VR Porn?

Lucid Dreams: Giantess VR Porn is a unique genre that combines virtual reality technology with adult content. It allows users to experience their fantasies in an immersive and interactive manner.

How does VR technology enhance the experience?

Virtual reality technology transports users into a lifelike environment where they can actively participate in the narrative, creating a more engaging and realistic experience.

Are there different types of giantess scenarios to choose from?

Yes, the genre offers a wide range of scenarios, from dominating cityscapes as a giantess to interacting with tiny characters in various settings.

Is this genre suitable for everyone?

Lucid Dreams: Giantess VR Porn is designed for adults who are interested in exploring their fantasies through technology. It’s important to approach the content with an open mind and a clear understanding of personal preferences.

Can I customize my experience within the VR scenarios?

Absolutely. The scenarios often allow for customization, letting you tailor the experience to your specific desires and interests.

Are there safety precautions to consider while using VR gear?

Yes, using VR gear requires adherence to safety guidelines. Take regular breaks to prevent discomfort, and ensure that your environment is free of obstacles to prevent accidents.

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Giantess svs (TV Series)



giantess svs

Giantess svs

Giantess svs may use the information it collects about you to offer you products and services. You can find more information about how Giantess uses this data and your choices by viewing its Privacy Policy.

Evoke the glory of giants with one new barbarian subclass, explore their vast world with two new backgrounds, and unleash runic magic with eight new feats. Plus, discover a vibrant ecosystem of giant creatures and their lairs.

Grettir & Glam

Grettir the Strong is a bellicose Viking hero renowned for dealing with monsters and ghosts better than anyone else. His saga is more popular in the Icelandic Sagas (Islendingasogur), although it was written down around 1400.

Red starts by describing the life of Grettir as a child, which was quite hard since his mother often resorted to beating him to calm him down and keep him from fighting. This is where his love of fighting and testing his strength came from and his aversion to actually doing productive work on his own farm.

His first real test comes when he is sent to a Thing, or meeting, as the substitute for his brother, Bjorn Slowcoach. The other men are terrified of him, and he threatens to call them chickens, which makes everyone laugh except Bjorn. He then challenges him to a duel and wins, killing him. This leads to a huge argument over wergild, or calculated compensation based on the rank paid to the family or lord of someone killed, which Bjorn gets very angry about.

As the saga progresses, Grettir becomes more and more of a recluse. He does little to support himself and spends most of his time drinking and arguing with his friends and enemies. Then, he hears Thorir the Spiteful seeking revenge against him and other people, so he begins to travel more, hiding his identity and dressing up in funny glasses.

During his stay at a farm, Grettir hears that the herdsman there, Glam, has been murdered and that his ghost has begun to haunt the area. Grettir goes to the farm and waits for Glam’s apparition to appear. He stares at the farmhouse’s door, waiting for a noise like thumps from inside.

When the apparition finally appears, Grettir grabs it and tackles it. The spectre, or draugr, curses Grettir thoroughly. He then removes the dragon’s head and places it between his thighs. This is where he will hold it for the rest of his life.

The Giantess svs

While giants are often depicted as male figures of immense size, Giantess svs is the feminine form of the word. This term is used to describe female giant characters and often to subvert gender stereotypes or create a more lighthearted tone in writing. In addition, Giantess can help distinguish a female giant character from other mythological creatures such as dragons and trolls.

While the Giantess svs is usually portrayed as a monster or villain, she can also be a hero. Many superheroes and heroines, such as Marvel’s She-Hulk, have been described as “jade giantess.” These females combine immense strength and beauty with femininity and power, earning them a cult following among both men and women. In contrast, some villainesses use their size and strength for less charitable purposes, such as She-Hulk for Giganta.

Regardless of their motivations, giantesses are incredibly dangerous. They can be unstoppable and unyielding, and they often cause immense destruction. When a giantess goes on a rampage, she typically does not suffer any comeuppance for her actions. This is because most people are thrilled and terrified by her presence, making them more likely to want to see her stomp around or crush on her (typically male) victims. This is known as macrophilia.

One of the most popular ways to portray a giantess is through art. Artists such as Kathryn Carrington have created numerous paintings of giantesses, including The Giantess, which shows a large woman standing over small towns and cities. Other artists have crafted depictions of female giants in more erotic or romantic settings. For example, Mexican surrealist artists Remedios Varo and Kati Horna have painted images of female giants embracing or stepping on their human victims.

In addition to art, video games, movies, and TV shows have popularised the concept of a giantess. For example, the video game Skylanders features a giantess named Graxy. The game’s villains, the Graxies, are smaller than the Giantess but are just as destructive. Additionally, there is a subgenre of pornography called virtual reality giantess porn that features large-than-life women stepping on or crushing men.

The Giants

In the pilot episode, the spaceship Spindrift is en route from Los Angeles to London on an ultra-fast suborbital flight. But just beyond Earth’s boundary with space, the ship is pulled into a magnetic space storm and dragged through a space warp to a mysterious planet, where everything is 12 times larger than on Earth and whose residents the Earthlings call “the Giants”. The stricken craft crashes at the surface, and the primary systems are inoperable. Captain Burton and his passengers and crew members must stay alive while they try to repair the ship and find a way back home.

To do so, they must escape from the laboratory of a giant scientist. The male giant grabs Dan and tries to take them with him, but they get away. They then sneak through the laboratory’s drainage tunnels. When the scientists see them, they start to run, but the four decide to break for it. As they run, a giant blow up a test tube near them, alerting the two Giants to their presence. The scientists then begin to pursue them with butterfly nets.

The little people must also find food and avoid capture by the Giants or attacks from the creatures they encounter in their new world. They rely on their ingenuity and knowledge of Giant culture, which resembles that of the United States in 1968 (the Giants drive American cars and attend vaudeville-style theatres, among other things). Their survival is also aided by the fact that the Giants are generally unaware that their planet has drains leading directly from interior rooms to the outside pavement, just like in the United States.

The filmed version of the pilot episode was released as a View-Master reel and booklet set in 1968 (GAF Packet # B494). The reel set differs significantly from the aired episode: a shot of the Spindrift flying through the Giants’ forest in apparent daylight. This was either a special-effects sequence cut from the aired pilot or a view Master lens setup designed to create an illusion of daylight.

The Giant’s Daughter

Even though she is the daughter of a clan chief, Matrona has been known to fight for humans as a mercenary. She is a proud giantess and merciless toward her enemies, though she also honours them once they have proved their worth in battle. She is a fierce warrior and a strong mother, which makes her an excellent mentor for Diane and Dolores.

Like many giants, Matrona has a long reach and can punch objects far away. She also has great physical strength, which she demonstrated by crushing Diane’s leg with one hand while attempting to break heavy metal with her other. Matrona can also use Drole’s Dance, allowing her to increase her size and strength.

In addition to their immense strength and endurance, giants have an amazing ability to regenerate themselves. This means they can heal themselves from wounds and even regrow lost limbs. However, this also means that giants can become weak if they allow themselves to get injured or overexert themselves.

The Giants also have various technologies that greatly resemble the early 20th century. However, they are somewhat lacking in certain areas (such as cloning, force fields, magnetic stunners, or androids). In most cases, the giants’ technology is considerably more advanced than Earth’s, but it still lacks teleportation, microelectronics, hearing aids, and crewed space flight.

The series’ pilot episode was released in 1968 as a View-Master reel and booklet set, but the footage was different from that of the aired version of the show. The aired episode shows the Spindrift arriving on the giants’ planet at night, while the reel shows it flying through a forest in daylight. The difference is likely a result of a change in the production schedule or a special setup for the View-Master camera. Regardless, the episode is a fun and funny look at the world of giants.

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Giantess Vore and Macrophilia



giantess vore

Giantess Vore and Macrophilia

Giantess vore, also known as vore fetishia or vorarephilia, is the erotic desire to be consumed by an overbearing woman. It commonly goes hand-in-hand with macrophilia and foot fetishism.

VICE spoke to some cinephiles—Lee, Kyle, Greg, and Amelia—to find out how they got into the kink and what they enjoyed.

Macro kinks

A macro kink is a fetish involving being with a partner larger than life. This can include plus-sized partners or non-humanoid giants. The fetish can involve feelings of vulnerability, submission, and awe. It can also lead to a desire for physical and psychological domination. However, it is essential to explore macro kinks safely and consensually. As with any kink, it is essential to separate fantasy from reality.

Vore is a common fetish combining different kinks, including stomping, feet, and macrophilia. It’s also a great way to express one’s sexual fantasies, and it’s prevalent among straight men and bisexual switchers. The community of macro kink lovers is global and diverse, with people from all backgrounds sharing their stories online. The internet has made it easy for people to find others who share their interests and to create a support system.

Many people assume that vore is cannibalism. While some voraphiles love to be predatory and eat smaller people, it’s not always that way. Most voraphiles prefer the gentle and loving aspects of the fetish. They enjoy teasing, adoration, and the power of being considered prey by their giant girlfriends. And even if they do like eating, they don’t think of it as cannibalism and probably wouldn’t want to be treated that way in real life.

Another common kink is size play, which is the act of changing one’s own body to make it larger or smaller. The process can be natural, artificial, or both. Some kinksters are into this just for fun, while others use it as an escape from their everyday lives or to feel more powerful than they are. Some fetishes involve reducing animals to microscopic size and then killing them.

Another type of macro kink is size-altering technology, which makes a person or object appear bigger or smaller. This fetish can be extremely dangerous and should only be practiced with a sane and healthy mind. This fetish is especially dangerous for young people.

Adult games

Adult games are booming, with many new, irreverent card and board games making the jump from kids’ play to grown-up fun. Adult versions of classic games like Cards Against Humanity are hitting the market, along with more strategic options like Exploding Kittens and the new Game of Thrones Card Game. And the world of macro kinks isn’t immune to the boom either, with new games and content constantly released.

Macro and vore fetishisms often go hand in hand, with themes of submission, sadomasochism, and total control prominent in both. They also share an otherworldly power fantasy, with the overbearing giantess consuming her smaller prey. This theme is prevalent in the Vore community, where art and video games represent many of these kinks.

Many of these games are free, but some require a premium account. These accounts are easy to obtain and offer additional gameplay options, including avatar customization and extra lives. Premium accounts also let users create and save customized playthroughs, making them an excellent option for fans of the genre. Some of these games feature many different fetishes, including foot fetishism, crush fetishism, and torso insertion.

These adult games aren’t just for play-at-home groups, however. Many are being ported to mobile devices, creating a whole new multiplayer experience. Players can take turns acting as the predator or prey in these games, with various scenarios available. These games can be highly intense and voyeuristic, with the player getting to choose their fate from a wide array of options.

Another popular option is the hentai anime clicker, which lets players tame and defeat high-definition babes for wild sexual encounters. Defeating and taming these anime beauties is a lot of fun, and it’s possible to create a whole sex harem in this game. Plenty of other free kink games are also available, with many featuring vore. These are a great way to get your macrophilia fixed without dealing with the drama of finding a local group.


There is no shortage of artists for those who like to see a little art with their vore. From traditional paintings to digital drawings, artists can create various artwork to appeal to vore fans. The artwork can be used as wallpaper or printed on merchandise, such as t-shirts and posters. Many artists can even work on commissions for Vore fans.

Another form of artwork popular in the macrophilia community is a vore story or comic. These stories often focus on the predator-prey relationship and dark themes like revenge, life, and death. Moreover, they also explore the nature of humankind’s place in nature and the universe.

These stories often accompany a soundtrack or music that enhances the experience. The artists who draw them often use various techniques to convey the emotion and intensity of the scene. Some artists prefer a more sexy style, while others like to keep their works simple. In addition, they may use a variety of fetishes to convey the desired sensation.

While some people are uncomfortable with this kink, others find it appealing. It’s important to remember that there are no boundaries in the world of macrophilia and that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy it. Some of the most popular fetishes include foot fetishism and crushing. Macro and vore can also play well with other kinks, such as horniness, orgasms, and voyeurism.

Giantess vore is a popular sub-genre of macrophilia. It involves a sizeable female predator eating a minor victim, and the prey is often alive. It’s a potent fantasy that plays on the themes of dominance and submission, and it often goes hand in hand with other macro fetishes, such as foot orgasms or crushing.

For example, one famous piece of vore artwork features a large, red-headed giantess swallowing her prey. The artist has created a detailed depiction of the scene, which looks almost real. Other examples of this genre are pictures of a giant devouring her prey in the wilderness. The artwork is often sexy, and the fetishists who draw it are often young, attractive women.


Many people confuse the terms “vore” and “macrophilia.” They have similar themes, but vore refers to a sexual fantasy of being devoured or eating another person, while macrophilia is a fascination with a giant(ess). This confusion is expected in the GTS community, and it can be unclear for people new to the fetish. Understanding the difference between these paraphilias is essential to choosing the one for you.

Macro and vore go hand-in-hand, and both are often found in kink videos. They also share themes of submission and sadomasochism. These themes make them popular in the GTS community, where the two are mixed in various ways. For example, macro and vore can be combined with other kinks, such as foot or crushing. Moreover, macro and vore can be paired with various genders. For example, many macrophilia fans are women who like to be devoured by non-binary giants.

Giantess vore can be found in various forms, from macro comics to porn videos. Some of these include heavy descriptions of saliva and the inner mouth, while others focus on swallowing whole characters. In addition, some of these stories are interactive. This means you can choose which path to take, affecting the story’s outcome. In this way, you can customize the story to suit your preferences.

Another video popular in the Giantess Vore community is a twerking compilation. These videos feature a girl wearing a large pair of panties. The girl is then twerked while sitting on a chair. The twerking includes a lot of body contact and is often very intense. These videos can be pretty graphic and are not recommended for younger audiences.

Community members make some videos, and commercial producers create others. Many of these videos are available for free on YouTube, but some require a subscription to watch. They are often accompanied by audio, which can be disturbing for some viewers.

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