Jet Bandsaw – What Are the Components of a Bandsaw?



Jet Bandsaw – What Are the Components of a Bandsaw?

Most workshops in residential garages and basements and light industry have a bandsaw that can cut wood, metal or plastic. The bandsaw also can be used for resawing large pieces of lumber.

All of the saws have two-position fences that can stand upright for resawing or lie flat to accommodate narrow rip cuts. They also have hex-wrench access holes for adjusting the lower blade guides.


The blade of a bandsaw consists of a continuous strip of metal with teeth along one edge that cuts various workpieces. The bandsaw is used for woodworking, metal cutting and other applications. It is a versatile tool that allows you to cut curves and shapes that are difficult or impossible to do with a conventional saw. The bandsaw can be used to make both straight and curved cuts, and it can also be used to make notches or bevels in workpieces. It can be fitted with a miter fence for precise cuts.

The jet bandsaw comes with a solid cast iron base and head that provides full blade support to eliminate deflection or vibration, making it more accurate than lesser models. The saw’s combination oil bath and gear reduction power train reduces noise, vibration and heat while increasing blade life. Its convenient, centrally located control panel puts major functions right at your fingertips. Its swiveling table and blade guide post allow for greater flexibility with your projects. The saw is prewired for 115V electrics and includes an easy-to-use drive belt tensioner that does not require tools.

The 14-Inch SFX steel frame bandsaw from Jet redefines the line between functionality and affordability. It combines tubular steel construction with exceptional resaw capacity, large table dimensions and a long list of features designed to streamline woodworking for both professionals and hobbyists. Its swiveling table allows for miter cuts of up to 45 degrees and can be connected to a dust collection system with its dual 4-inch dust ports. The saw is also equipped with a heavy-duty fence system that gives you confidence when resawing or making other complex cuts.


The motor of a jet bandsaw drives a continuous band of metal with teeth along its edge and cuts workpieces. These workpieces can be curved or straight. The head of the saw can be pivoted to make mitered cuts. These bandsaws cut a variety of materials including wood and metals.

Jet’s 14-Inch SFX steel frame bandsaw has a lot of features that can streamline woodworking for the serious woodworker. This machine boasts best-in-class resaw capacity, large table dimensions and a list of other functions that can simplify your woodworking tasks.

A cast iron table provides sturdiness and stability when cutting. It tilts 0-45 degrees for a range of bevel cuts and includes a miter slot and a miter gauge. It is prewired for 115V service and includes a paddle off-switch and a safety key. The saw also has dual 4’’-diameter dust ports to connect it to a vacuum system.

This heavy-duty saw features a combination oil bath and gear reduction power train for consistent cutting and longer blade life. The combination of these features makes this one of the most precise and durable machines on the market. It also has a cast iron base that is reinforced with tubular steel. This helps reduce vibration that could alter the cut.

The ELITE swing away panel relocates most saw controls to a single location, making them easy to operate. This eliminates the need to move the saw to access different functions and improves overall function and performance. The saw is backed by a two year warranty. It is a great choice for fabricators and production workers who need to cut a wide range of materials. This saw can cut round and rectangle steel tubing up to 10” at 90 degrees and 6″ pipe at 45° both ways.


The table is a critical component of a bandsaw. It supports the workpiece and helps prevent thin slices of wood from jamming in between the blade and the plate during a cut. This can cause splintering and chipping. A quality table is made of a sturdy material such as steel or cast iron. The table also has a set of guides to guide the blade during cuts. A quality table can save time and effort by allowing the user to make accurate, smooth cuts.

The JET 14-Inch SFX Steel Frame Bandsaw redefines the line between functionality and affordability. Its tubular steel construction delivers exceptional resaw capacity and large table dimensions. The saw includes a host of premium features to streamline woodworking for woodworkers of all experience levels.

This well-equipped saw has a large 360 square inch cast iron work table and a heavy-duty fence system with easy-to-read laser-etched height scales and micro-adjust feature. The fence can be positioned in vertical position for resawing or horizontally to make precision cuts.

The saw’s deluxe design includes lower and upper ball bearing guides to stabilize the blade, as well as an easily adjustable LED work light for better visibility. The saw’s quick release blade tension makes it easy to change the blade. A convenient resaw guard and miter gauge are included. This well-rounded saw is a smart investment for any woodworker’s shop. It can handle a wide range of projects and is suitable for both resawing and crosscutting. Its compact size and 1 hp motor enable it to fit easily into most shops, even those with limited space.


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Designed to perform, this bandsaw offers the premium features and superior performance you need to tackle more ambitious projects. With best-in-class re-saw capacity, greater throat depth, and increased horsepower you’ll be able to confidently resaw larger boards with ease. The heavy-duty cast iron worktable is precision-ground for flatness and features a miter slot, miter gauge, and micro-adjust dial. The large, independently adjustable guides are tool-less for quick set up. The saw is powered by a robust 1-3/4 HP, single-phase motor and comes prewired for 115V service. It’s equipped with a paddle off-switch and safety key, as well as dual 4″-diameter dust ports to connect to a vacuum system.

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An important part of a bandsaw operator’s job is to ensure they follow all safety protocols and procedures in order to prevent injury. Many newer band saws come equipped with vision or contact-sensing systems that kill power to the blade within milliseconds once triggered, greatly decreasing the chance of an operator’s hand getting too close to the cutting edge. This new breed of automatic band saws drastically reduces the number of injuries caused by traditional, hand-fed machines.

Another important safety measure is to ensure the saw’s guard covers the entire working portion of the blade during operation. This will minimize the risk of an operator slipping or trips and coming into contact with the blade while feeding meat into the machine. Adding gates and vision shields to the bandsaw can also help protect an operator’s hands from coming too close to the blade during operation.

In addition, a good bandsaw will have multiple machine safeguards, such as an emergency stop button or lever, which can be accessed in the case of an uncontrolled incident. These are often required by OSHA to be accessible for all machinery and will allow an operator to shut down the machine quickly, reducing the severity of any injury and eliminating the potential damage to the workpiece or machine.

The Jet 14-Inch SFX Band Saw is a premium woodworking tool that’s loaded with operational and safety features designed to make it a great choice for serious woodworkers. Its tubular steel construction, resaw capacity and large table dimensions offer exceptional performance. It comes prewired for 115V service and has a paddle off-switch and safety key. It also has dual 4”-diameter dust ports that can be connected to a shop vacuum system for cleaner, safer operation.

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